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Linguist Portal UI

The second, larger piece of work I did with CW2 is a linguist portal providing interpreters and translators with a web app to manage and find government and private commercial contracts. The project is a multi-organisation collaboration including a large govt body.

I used an HTML templating and build system (plus Bootstrap) to speed up development and delivered two functional prototypes. The portal is feature rich with Google maps and charts integrations, a messaging system and availability calendar (all bespoke rather than plugins to keep the overall file size to a minimum).

A large part of these projects was determining the UX (albeit rather late in the process). I was presented with visual UI designs and there was a lot of email back and forth with questions like: “What happens if the user does X?” or “Can a user not reverse the decision they just made?”. I also had to correct UX mistakes and inconsistencies with form controls and flow.

There’s no link/image yet as I’ve been asked to keep the project under wraps until it goes live.

Client: CW2
Skills: Bootstrap, CSS3, GIT, Gulp, HTML5, jQuery, PUG, RESTFul, SASS
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