Phil Cheshire

Front-end & UI | Design & development

Marshalls PLC

Marshall website

I spent five months with Marshall helping to build their responsive, modular commercial website. I was tasked with maintaining a Webpack styleguide of all the modules in use and building new modules in ES6/jQuery, maintainable SASS and HTML5.

I implemented a Typeahead search function, a ‘pinning’ solution, came up with creative ways of integrating new design requests and worked remotely but highly collaboratively with the Marshalls team to define functionality and scope.

A large part of my work on the site was an admin interface using an iterative, ‘on the fly’ approach to translate/update older designs into newer requirements and keep pace with change requests.

Every piece of script and code pushed to the server was reviewed by the Marshalls team against strict standards for formatting (JS had to be in ES6 format for instance).

Client: Marshalls PLC
Skills: CSS3, ES6, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, Responsive, SASS
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