Phil Cheshire

Front end development

Marshalls PLC

Marshall website

I spent five months with Marshall helping to build their responsive, modular commercial website. I was tasked with maintaining a Webpack styleguide of all the modules in use and building new modules in ES6/jQuery, maintainable SASS and HTML5.

I implemented a Typeahead search function, a ‘pinning’ solution, came up with creative ways of integrating new design requests and worked remotely but highly collaboratively with the Marshalls team to define functionality and scope.

A large part of my work on the site was an admin interface which is yet to be launched. A lot of that section was an iterative, ‘on the fly’ process to translate/update older designs into newer requirements.

Client: Marshalls PLC
Tech: CSS3, ES6, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, Responsive, SASS
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